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Wound and Burn Care

Burns can range from the slight redness of a sunburn to extensive burns caused by electricity, scalding liquids, or chemicals.  Some burns can be treated at home while others need to be evaluated by an experienced physician.  Burns require a multidisciplinary approach, incorporating dressing changes, nursing, physical therapy, and sometimes surgery.  Surgical intervention may involve debridement and /or skin grafting.  Wounds can range from minor lacerations to chronic large ulcers.  Each requires appropriate treatment for optimal outcome.  Many minor traumas, such as lacerations (cuts) can be treated in the office with appropriate home aftercare.  Difficult wounds, such as venous stasis ulcers, decubitus ulcers, or wounds associated with diabetes may require daily dressing changes, debridement, skin grafts, or tissue flaps in order to heal them.  Each wound or burn requires evaluation and treatment using a holistic approach to optimize the body’s natural healing ability.

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