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All Massage Services Offered by Potter Plastic Surgery and Med Spa

Massage Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage 

This therapeutic massage uses strategic strokes to increase circulation and release muscle tension. A combination of trigger point therapy, stretching, sports massage and other unique modalities relieve strain, stress and inflammation.

45 Minutes - $60
60 Minutes - $70
75 Minutes - $80 

Swedish Massage

Therapeutic Stone Massage 

A full body massage, encompassing warm stones with light to moderate pressure. Experience this time honored practice which brings deep, restorative rest. Our massage therapist gently glides smooth stones over the body, providing warmth that soothes mind and muscles, increases circulation, improves tone and induces tranquility and serenity.


60 Minutes - $75 
75 Minutes - $90

Hot Stones Massage
Back Massage

Swedish Massage 

This classic stress-relieving massage utilizes long, flowing strokes to reduce tension, increase circulation and induce relaxation. An introductory massage that’s great for unwinding! 

45 Minutes - $45
60 Minutes - $55
75 Minutes - $65
90 Minutes - $90

Relaxing Neck, Shoulder,

 And Back Massage

Ease stress with this focused tension-releasing massage. A therapeutic blend of essential oils is applied to remove lactic acid and eliminate chronic deep “knots.” Knead and release techniques are used to relax the muscles and increase circulation. 

45 Minutes - $45
30 Minutes -  $35 

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